During Construction and development, huge quantity of Concrete and Brick waste is generated and its disposal is a major problem for the construction company. This construction waste of concrete and bricks can be recycled by crushing them to aggregates and GSB which can be directly utilized for filling and concrete work. These GSB and Aggregates generated from the construction concrete and brick waste is known as recycled aggregates. This recycling of waste saves lots of money and time, which is a added profit to the construction company.


Further, our services include management of and recycling the concrete and brick waste generated at construction sites. With help of our mobile crushers and capable operating staff we do the crushing of the concrete and brick waste at construction site without any waste of time and supply the recycled aggregates back to the company.

We are in position to crush concrete and brick waste for minimum quantity of 20,000Mt to 40,000Mt every month regularly at a single site.


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