Mobile Crusher on Rent for Making Sand from Rocks and Stones

The infra sector is facing acute shortage of sand as most of the states in India has banned mining of River Sand due to environment problems. Since sand is a major element in the construction, there was a need to find alternate option which can replace the River Sand.

The engineers and developers came up with the solution and accepted artificial sand as a option for replacing the river sand.

Artificial Sand is manufactured from Rocks and Stone which are easily available at any location in India. The Stone / Rock is crushed to sizes equal to sand sizes and screened. This screening dust is utilized for concrete and construction work.

For manufacturing artificial sand, 2 stage crushers are mainly required. In 2 stage crusher, first the rock / stone boulders of size 350mm to 400mm are crushed to 80/100mm. These crushed stone / rock is then fed directly to the secondary stage crusher. The production from the secondary stage crusher is later screened with power screeners and fine dust 00mm to 06mm known as sand is recovered.



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